Analyze request for quotation and other documents / technical drawings provided by the customer.
Work with sales, operations and other internal support teams to define solutions which best fit the customer technical and commercial requirements.
Identify external content (3rd party) and interact with Procurement to obtain technical and commercial offers from external suppliers.
Identify content from other lines of business / functions and interact with other support teams to obtain technical and commercial offers.
Define proposal plan which should include all resources, responsibilities, deliverables and due dates for the members of the involved estimation team.
Estimate internal (1st and 2nd party) content – hardware, software and services – using internal estimating toolset. For complex proposals, can manage and lead a team of estimators.
Expedite and coordinate responses from sales, operations, contracts, procurement and other support teams to complete proposals as required.
Prepare full proposal and costing of all Honeywell hardware, software and services, other 3rd party content, contingencies, etc.
Coordinate internal processes such as Kick-off Meeting, Proposal Review Meeting, Risk and Opportunity review, Global Approval Process, etc.
Prepare the booking package / handover to operations team when the project is won.
Work with the pole proposal workforce planner or other area proposal leaders to ensure appropriate resource planning. covering all businesses needs on local / regional / area and back-office base.