Process Quality Engineer Slatina

The person will ensure implementation of quality systems. Verifies frequent the production ensuring implementation of quality standards and customer specific requirement. He/she will be like support in the audit process, member of the improvement processes.


•             Controls and periodic inspections of the process;

•             Solving the inconsistencies regarding the specifications of process/product;

•             Changes and adjustments of the process/product in order to eliminate the quality defects in the finished product;

•             Preparing and updating quality documents;

•             Participate in internal and external audits of the process;

•             Audits on various topics/projects;

•             Involvement/ participation in defined teams within various continuous improvement projects.

Education: Faculty of Mechanical, Engineering and Technological Systems Management, Quality Management

Competences: Analysis and attention to detail, ability to notify defects, teamwork, skill, accuracy, perseverance, specialized terminology knowledge, communication and problem solving skills.

Experience: Newly graduates of Faculty/Master ; any experience in the field will be an advantage

 Others: English & Romanian at a good level, Flexibility, Dynamic person