Location: Bucharest / Ilfov, Bacau / Iasi, Arad / Timisoara

Experience: Depth knowledge of the industry

General Competencies:

  • High understanding of business issues, processes and outcomes to enhance business performance
  • High understanding of customers, their commercial offerings, industry, business, motivational drivers and needs
  • Ability to understand how Scania can contribute to the optimization of customers profitability
  • Ability to maintain an up to date understanding of Scania’s electrification journey, related products and services developments as well as overall industry impact regarding electrified solutions. Drives focus on electrification in own area of responsibility and applies applicable value propositions
  • Can persuade, convince and influence others to obtain their buy-in and support for specific course, action or direction. Understands others’ point of view. Creates maintain and leverages a network of supportive relationships
  • Is able to understand and apply knowledge about the market within area of responsibility. Ability to keep up to date with new development in the area and understand business risks and opportunities.
  • Ability to explore positions and alternatives to reach best possible outcome by seeking mutual benefits and maintaining relationship in business discussions with the counterparts
  • Ability to maintain an up to date understanding of products and services necessary to perform duties and tasks.
  • Ability to apply the method to identify the right solution for the individual customer as well as explain and argue for the value of an offer, expressed in money and/or time.

Personal Competencies:

  • Analyzing and synthesizing information to understand issues, identify options, and support sound decision making (Identifies critical relationships in information)
  • Generating viable, new approaches and solutions (Identifies new approaches)
  • Dealing with situations and issues proactively and persistently, seizing opportunities that arise (Addresses current issues)
  • Reaching goals that are central to organizational success by making and following plans and allocating resources effectively. (Plans and organizes group activities)
  • Identifying problems and the solutions to them. (Identifies standard problems based on a range of factors, most of which are clear. Identifies alternate solutions, considering applicable precedents.)


  • The main responsibility of the Truck Salesman is to manage customers in the area of responsibility on Business Unit level.
  • Maintain and develop relationships toward structured proactive partnerships with the objective of improving the Scania EBIT, together with optimized customer satisfaction and profitability, through sales and delivery of managed range. This is achieved by setting an overall strategy and plan for sales and deliveries for area specific customers, working proactively to explore business opportunities, monitoring and following-up results.
  • By actively cooperating with sales, service, financing colleagues, strategic bodybuilders etc. as well as both captive and non-captive dealers and workshops in the market.
  • The Truck Salesman represents the entire range of company solutions to the assigned companies. He / She leads the companies account planning cycle and ensures that the companies needs and expectations are met by the business


  • Develop and maintain customer plans by setting, executing and challenging targets
  • Plan in agreed format for each customer and prospect on an annual basis and update regularly
  • Develop and execute governance structure for each customer in agreement with customer
  • Actively work to grow the understanding of the customer’s needs, their business environment, operations, development direction etc. being able to advice your customers
  • Responsible for forecasting and achieving sales volumes and profitability of your portfolio
  • Act within given authority to negotiate and decide terms and conditions
  • Lead cross functional teams on Distributor and Dealer level connected to managed portfolio
  • Engage relevant colleagues proactively in customer opportunities
  • Keep team informed about customer activities to deliver on customer assignments and solutions
  • Ensure maintenance and up-to-date information in Customer Relationship Management System
  • Cooperate with International Fleet Sales and other Corporate Scania functions on International Fleet Customers and others when necessary
  • Keep close connection to and work with strategic Bodybuilders, building partnerships critical for working actively and proactively on tenders
  • Prospecting: Contribute to identify potential customers and create sales opportunities where Scania can deliver value and be profitable within assigned key account segment.
  • Contacting: Develop and increase the customer base by analyzing contacts or prospects, understand their needs, plan and conduct meetings, build relationships and argue for Scania ́s value proposition
  • Quoting: Create offer by verifying prospects’ needs, translating them into tailored solutions, negotiating the deal and follow-up
  • Finalizing deal: Close the deal and ensure long-term customer satisfaction